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Agronomist – Professional agriculturalist, expert in pruning olive trees.

My job is to promote Cavozzoli Oil and our production philosophy by attending food and wine fairs
around the country.

Another big passion of mine is photography and video editing. When I’m not busy cultivating olives,
this passion is my passport to discovering new countries and cultures. I always take some Cavozzoli Oil with me on my travels, spreading its name and flavour around
the world.


Renewable energy and energy conservation technician.

Since childhood I have been passionate about cultivating olives in an environmentally-friendly way and producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. I use all kinds of farming techniques: from the traditional methods passed down from our grandparents to more innovative processes, I trial various approaches both in the field and when pressing the olives, always guided by my immense passion.

I drive the farm vehicles over the steep slopes of our olive groves, look after the land and manage the harvest and pressing of the olives. Keeping to our strict policy on olive fertilisation, processing, harvesting and pressing, I guarantee the best quality Cavozzoli Oil. I manage orders, customer relations and the shipping of Cavozzoli Oil around the world.


Biologist with a degree in Natural Sciences.

I monitor the correct implementation of health and hygiene standards in the bottling of Cavozzoli Oil. My tasks include bookkeeping, labelling, and managing the online registers for extra virgin olive oil.

I also take care of the website, SEO and marketing. I trial cultivation techniques based on the influence of positive energy on the plants. Each year I carry out organoleptic analysis and panel tests on Cavozzoli Oil, fine-tuning our work out in the field based on the results. I carry out the filtering and check that the oil is stored correctly.


Graduate in Developmental Sciences, mother of the 3 Pierini brothers.

An artist working with recycled materials and an expert in the culinary and medicinal properties of wild herbs.

I look after the running of the cellar and shop, adding personal touches to keep it attractive. I run guided tours for farm visitors and do tastings, as well as offering courses on making soap with our oil. I prepare delicious lunches and dinners based around our oil and wild herbs and plants foraged in our fields, and I also manage the Podere holiday home.


We have been passionately producing olive oil for over 60 years. Thanks to this extensive experience, our olive oil is enjoyed throughout Italy and abroad.

The trees are between 30 and 200 years old and grow at an altitude of between 150 and 250 metres above sea level.

Our farm is recognised in Tuscany for its eco-friendly approach and for protecting the rural landscape of Valdinievole.

Our hillside olive groves are home to around 1000 Frantoio and Leccino olive trees, which grow on traditional Tuscan terraces with spectacular views over the spa town of Montecatini Terme.

Why we are different

Fresh lemons are milled together with the olives

Fresh chilli peppers are milled together with the olives

Cutting the lemons

Cutting the peppers

Natural soap made with Olio Cavozzoli

Icecream meets Olio Cavozzoli Riserva

Cavozzoli Olive Oil

Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil

Cavozzoli Aromatic Olive Oil

The olives used to make Cavozzoli Oil are harvested using a mixture of manual and mechanical methods, which protect the trees from damage. The olives are processed immediately after harvest to guarantee full flavour and freshness in the oil.
Cavozzoli Oil is made using only cold press mechanical methods to ensure that the oil produced is of a consistently high standard. We produce 3 types of extra virgin olive oil, all of the finest quality:
  • Cavozzoli Olive Oil
  • Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil
  • Cavozzoli Aromatic Olive Oil
We have a healthy and environmentally friendly approach, and have never used pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

How it all began

The farm was established in 1951 when Gino Guidarini and Disma Dinelli spent their limited savings on a small piece of land in Montecatini Alto. They originally came from the small mountain villages of Trentino and Canevare, on the Emilian side of the Apennines—an area which became infamous for the Gothic Line during the Second World War. After the war they were forced to leave their home villages, which had become hostile and dangerous, and they made Valdinievole their new home.

Over time, the hard work of Gino and Disma meant that the farm grew, with new olive trees planted and drainage works completed. At the same time, their knowledge and experience of cultivating olive trees and producing oil grew. Since 1951, the farming methods and techniques for producing oil have changed radically, but high quality olive oil and respect for the environment have always remained at the heart of the business. Gino and Disma’s grandchildren Francesco, Giacomo and Alessandro now run the farm, using the knowledge passed down to them to produce extraordinary olive oil.

Transparent Farming

What is Transparent Farming? For us, it means welcoming people to come and see first-hand how we run the farm. We are here to answer your questions and give you a taste of the work that goes into cultivating olives and using them to produce the finest quality extra virgin olive oil.

From pruning to harvesting, fertilisation, working the land, organic land management and olive pressing – you can take part in all these processes and gain direct insight into the quality and commitment at the root of each and every bottle of Cavozzoli Oil.

We hope to give you the chance to truly understand the value of our produce. We strongly believe that our products should be proof of the love and passion with which we work the land. Our farming methods aim to protect people and the environment; our approach goes above and beyond the standard guidelines for organic farming.

Via Porta di Borgo, 53     Montecatini Alto 51016 (PT)     Tuscany - Italy
Mobile: +39 320 0128936  -  Thelephone: +39 0572 767515

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Via Porta di Borgo, 53     Montecatini Alto 51016 (PT)     Tuscany - Italy
               Mobile: +39 320 0128936                 Thelephone: +39 0572 767515

Customer care

Privacy and conditions

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