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Cavozzoli Riserva Monocultivar Olive Oil 0,50 L


This extra virgin single varietal olive oil is made with our most prized olives and offers unrivalled flavour and sensory characteristics.

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olio cavozzoli riserva

A first-class oil with exceptional flavour and aromas. We only select the finest olives to produce this LIQUID GOLD.

Only Frantoio olives are used to produce this single varietal extra virgin olive oil, which showcases the unique aromas and nuanced flavours of this olive variety.

The olives are pressed within just a few hours of being harvested to prevent oxidation and guarantee the maximum freshness of the product.

All the machinery at the mill is brought to a standstill before being used to process the olives for Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil. The machines are thoroughly cleaned, including any connecting parts between them, and a new filter is installed in the filter press. Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount during the production cycle.

The machines used to process the olives are equipped with the most modern and advanced oil extraction technology.
The olives are defoliated and washed in running water. They are fed into an adjustable-speed blade mill that crushes the olives and breaks the pits in a way that is more delicate than other more commonly-used machines (disc or hammer mills). This particular milling technique enhances the flavour of the oil and prevents excessive bitterness.
The next stage is malaxation in a vertical kneader, free from oxygen to prevent oxidation; this is when the aromatic and fruity notes develop. This stage lasts just 10 minutes and the paste is mixed together again in a vertical auger at a low temperature (23°C).
The kneader is emptied and the olive paste is fed into a two-phase decanter. This centrifuge separates the oil from the rest of the paste. The resulting pomace also contains the vegetable water, which is normally separated from the oil using a separator.
The separator is a machine which centrifuges and washes the oil “mosto” (oil plus vegetable water) with running water, allowing the oil to be separated from the vegetable water naturally present in the olive pulp.
The two-phase decanter means the separator is not necessary, thereby making the process more efficient and reducing the possibility of the sensory characteristics of the oil being damaged and vital polyphenols being lost.
The oil which comes out of the decanter is ready to be consumed and does not require any further processing, as this would inevitably reduce its quality.
The oil is mechanically filtered in a filter press with cardboard filters to remove any suspended particles. This non-invasive filtration treatment guarantees a longer shelf life for the oil and preserves its polyphenol levels (natural antioxidants), so that months later it still tastes freshly-pressed.
If there were such thing as a “meditation oil”, Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil would be more than worthy of the title.
Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil is more than extra virgin, it is a prized oil with unrivalled physical-chemical characteristics and maximum health benefits.

A genuine medicinal oil with vital health benefits, a limited quantity of Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil is produced for those who want to try a unique and sought-after product and experience all its benefits and nuances of flavour.


  • Average acidity: 0.05-0.20 (% oleic acid)      Extra Virngin's maximin value < 0.8%

  • Average polyphenol level: 550-600 (mg/kg gallic acid)

  • Average peroxide value: 3-5 (meq O2/kg)      Maximun peroxide value < 20.0. meq O2/kg


  • Average acidity: 0.05-0.25 (% oleic acid)      Extra Virngin's maximin value < 0.8%

  • Average polyphenol level: 550-650 (mg/kg gallic acid)

  • Average peroxide value: 3-5 (meq O2/kg)      Maximun peroxide value < 20.0. meq O2/kg


  • Average acidity: 0.05-0.20 (% oleic acid)      Extra Virngin's maximin value < 0.8%

  • Average polyphenol level: 500-600 (mg/kg gallic acid)

  • Average peroxide value: 3-5 (meq O2/kg)      Maximun peroxide value < 20.0. meq O2/kg
Pressing: within 5-8 hours of harvest
Olive variety: Frantoio
Extraction method:
  • Blade mill
  • Vertical cylinder kneader under vacuum
  • Two-phase decanter
  • Filter press with cardboard filters
  • Malaxation temperature: 23°C
  • Malaxation time: 10 minutes
  • Average olive to oil yield: 10%
  • Storage: stainless steel silos with stainless steel floating lids
An emerald green colour, with excellent fluidity and a delicious flavour reminiscent of fresh, healthy, perfectly-ripe olives.

Intense well-balanced aromas of fresh, unripe vegetables with a clean, refreshing fragrance and the perfect balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.

Fresh and clean on the nose, with characteristic notes of artichoke and almond hull, typical of the Frantoio variety.

The herbaceous aftertaste reveals sweet notes, followed by a stunning pronounced bitterness in perfect harmony with its pungent and fruity notes. The persistence of flavour is truly unique. For the full nutritional benefits of Cavozzoli Riserva Oil, enjoy a spoonful each morning before breakfast. This oil pairs well with complex meaty dishes, grilled meat, rich sauces, bean soup and bruschetta. For a delicious and unusual combination, try it with fior di latte gelato.
Be bold—experiment and create your own unique flavour combinations with this oil.

Cavozzoli Riserva Olive Oil Panel Test results
  • Fruitiness: medium
  • Bitterness: light
  • Pungency: medium
Positive attributes of Cavozzoli Riserva extra virgin olive oil
  • Median fruitiness = 3.7
  • Median bitterness = 2.5
  • Median pungency = 3.0

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